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The four areas where we help you unleash your natural abilities


Our proprietary methodology includes everyone in the innovation process to best overcome individual and organizational inertia. As a result the best creative ideas get surfaced and channeled through the pipeline so that innovation actually happens.



Like relationships, communication is complex. SQUIRCLE turns complexity into a competitive advantage. Resulting in effective, richer and more authentic connections.



With our proven SQUIRCLE assessment, we will help you identify and embrace the diversity of profiles in your organization. Team performance and innovation will improve.



Adaptation is in our DNA. SQUIRCLE enables us to sail through change seamlessly from our inner core and awakens our innate inability to do more, with less time and more ease.

Your options to learn with us

Self-paced e-Learning Courses

Develop a SQUIRCLE Mindset anytime, anywhere. Boost your skills with flexible, short-form online courses designed to fit your schedule and help you with today’s most pressing challenges.


Training Workshops

Learn from our certified SQUIRCLE Coaches, in standard or customized workshops, how to harness a SQUIRCLE leadership mindset to solve complex problems and increase your impact.



Whether a corporate executive or an independent consultant, become an accredited coach to empower people and companies around the globe to improve performance in radically new ways.



Unleash the potential you need most today: intuitive intelligence


SQUIRCLE is a framework designed to think in a radically new way, adapt naturally, make sure decisions in an unsure world, and thrive in disruption.


Science-based. Inspired by Nature. Proven Globally. 

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We are a global e-learning community dedicated to helping people at work hone their intuitive intelligence, the powerful synergy between reason and instinct. Our SQUIRCLE framework and tools uncover an untapped potential needed to succeed with disruptive technologies and times.


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