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SQUIRCLE is about disrupting conventional thinking and offering and original and actionable path forward for adapting to our new volatile environment. 

Today, thanks to neuroscience, we know only 20% of our cognitive power is dedicated to conscious thoughts. The other 80% is busy with unconscious stuff that has to do with rehashing what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. Therein lies a huge opportunity for making more BRAIN POWER available to us.  (In Nature, October 2004, Research by University of Rochester Medical Center Department of Neuroscience.) 

SQUIRCLE thinking honors the freshness and natural insights from our intuition while recognizing the role and importance of our rational minds.


Women have been known for years as having “women’s intuition"… and it’s true. Yet society has always looked first to rational, linear explanations instead of opening many more potential solutions through intuitive thought. The timeless opposition between a "masculine" and "feminine" approach.

But to keep talking about masculine and feminine makes us all walk through the exhausted doors of pre-conceived notions. This “gender-alizing” makes us defensive . Political. Judgmental. Resistant. We need to stop polarizing and start recognizing that these opposing, complementary approaches — as different as surrender and control, thinking and feeling, passive and active, mental and physical, being and doing — are all necessary to life, constantly shifting, and live inside all of us.

SQUIRCLE helps shake up stereotypes. The set of masculine and feminine approaches are now known by different, genderless names in SQUIRCLE thinking…

SQUARE - representing thought, logic, structure, doing. Characteristics traditionally defined as masculine energy and seen in our world as lines, angles, buildings and man-made artifacts.

CIRCLE - representing fluidity, improvisation, gut feeling, intuition. Characteristics traditionally defined as feminine energy and seen in our world as nature with curves, circles and rounded shapes.




Changing the way people think around the world for over 10 years

Francis Cholle originated a corporate version of SQUIRCLE over 10 years ago while consulting with his international consulting clients. He found these big firms like Citi Group and Ralph Lauren were confounded by unique problems of today and trying to solve them using the same techniques of the past.

The model he created and the accompanying book, The Intuitive Compass, has been taught to over 250,000 business students and corporate leaders internationally. Over the years he has conducted year-long studies to fine-tune the model and has now brought it to the general public.

The Academy

SQUIRCLE Academy was established in 2020 to foster a giant change in the culture of the world — to change the way we think. Based on the SQUIRCLE model, the Academy offers e-learning that challenges us all to reach decisions and find solutions to problems that in a way that positively impacts our lives and will ultimately lead to a more sustainable world.

Know Better World Foundation


The sister NGO to SQUIRCLE Academy, we offer a global e-learning community where women of any age can continuously learn, share and empower each other to thrive and create a culture of innovative and sustainable leadership. Specifically we believe in women entrepreneurs and their ability to change the world for good.

We work with NAWBO-CA (National Association of Women Business Owners - California) to help them achieve their best. We are seeking women’s shelters to help staff and community with transformative workshop programs to help them in  today’s lingering pandemic and its aftermath.

If you wish to support the Foundation with donations or contacts, please visit our website.

Based on the SQUIRCLE model, the Academy offers e-learning that challenges us all to reach decisions and find solutions to problems in a way that positively impacts our lives and will ultimately lead to a more sustainable world.

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Twenty years ago I couldn’t help but ask myself:

How is it that we were able to get to the moon, and yet are unable to sustain a balanced relationship with nature? What is the root cause to that split in the human mind?

I imagined an answer to this question and a solution to our daunting sustainability challenge. If only we could include instinct (nature in us) in our thought processes and decisions, chances are we would design solutions unavoidably more respectful of nature.

To prove that this approach of holistic decision making could help businesses better adapt, innovate and succeed, I decided to start a consulting practice, The Human Company. We got hired and rehired by the CEOs of some of the most successful global companies because our unique methodology brought them unprecedented success.

Know Better Way Foundation brings change to the people who drive the most change throughout the world. WOMEN. Research shows that women represent the biggest and quickest opportunity for business and society. They build the local businesses, the families, and the communities that change the world every day. We help her, she helps all.

Now that we know better, the time has come to bring systemic change across society. With our simple universal SQUIRCLE model let’s shape together a better world, one decision at a time. Join us on our actionable proven path to an innovative and sustainable future.

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We are a diverse international team sharing a passion for revolutionizing the way we think.

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