Test Your Thinking Now


Turn disruption into an opportunity

Discover a natural way to uncover an untapped potential to sail through radical change and pivot with ease.

E-learning course and Workshop

Learn online at your own pace the fundamentals of adaptation or discover with a certified SQUIRCLE coach—virtually or in the room—how to move through change, open to possibilities, and achieve lasting results with team members.

Introduction to SQUIRCLE adaptation

In a gradual four-step process, you will learn and practice how to keep your inner core on solid ground to stay focused, identify your strengths and roadblocks, and envision a creative path forward in the midst of disruption. A quick process you can easily fit in your day and budget, and have all your team members go through.



Thrive through uncertainty

Did you know that a low tolerance for uncertainty will not only hinder agility but also limit performance, creativity, and emotional balance in times of unknown? Learn individually and as a team how to develop a positive outlook toward uncertainty, overcome barriers and achieve your goals no matter what.



Custom Solutions

We’re always ready to design SQUIRCLE ad hoc programs to overcome any complex challenge and drive the success of your business, people and organization.