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Introduction to SQUIRCLE Adaptation

In a gradual four-step process, you will learn and practice how to keep your inner core on solid ground to stay focused, identify your strengths and roadblocks, and envision a creative path forward in the midst of disruption. A quick process you can easily fit in your day and budget, and have all your team members go through.

Course overview

This short self-paced course will take you through four audio guided sessions to build a lasting ability to adapt through disruptive circumstances. You will learn action steps and tips to:

  1. Stay in your core and grounded, no matter what is going on around you,
  2. Keep your clarity of mind to focus on the work at hand throughout even the toughest day,
  3. Identify your key assets and opportunities to harness in order to overcome the immediate challenges,
  4. Open up to your creative imagination to see the opportunities through the daunting moments of crisis.

Introduction to SQUIRCLE Adaptation Course is designed for you to practice as you discover the material. You can repeat as many times as needed. The achievable goal is to eventually apply and reap the benefits without the audios.




FORMAT: Self-paced online course

Duration : 30 min

Price : $30

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