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"What would life be like if you would deal with time on your own terms?" 

I was driven, like all my classmates, at the best business school in Paris. We were all achieving our MBA’s and fighting for the best high-paying jobs. And I got one! And it was marvelous! And I worked and worked and worked, and realized my passion was not TO WORK, but to work on MY PASSION. After a buyout, I was lucky enough to have time and money to pursue what I felt deeply about — creativity in all its forms. I sang opera, I acted, I danced and learned to breathe and AHA! I learned that Time is different for all of us. And this is what I want to share with you!

Each one of us has a propensity to linear or fluid thinking. We call this the SQUIRCLE Attitude. You may be a SQUARE and prefer thinking within the box, with rules and guidelines. Or you may be a CIRCLE and prefer thinking outside the box, more fluid and improvisational. This effects how we view time and how we can make the most of it. It’s SQUIRCLE Time.

What would life be like if you could deal with time on your own terms?

Imagine spending time on the things you love… reading to your children, getting to yoga class, deepening your relationship with your partner or that interesting person you met on the bus. Collaborating with all your team — not just the ones you like — to produce breakthrough results, simply because you understand each other and respect each others’ time. Not feeling guilty for taking a “timeout” for you and what you need.

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You can turn off time pressures and turn on new ways of working for your family, your job, your life! LEARN HOW NOW!