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What can SQUIRCLE do for women?


What woman - no matter what age - has:


  • NOT sat in a meeting and not been heard as she’s “talked over” by men?
  • NOT wished she had more time to spend with her family, her self, her passions
  • NOT felt she was leading her most authentic life
  • NOT wished for her children to grow up in a world that has fresh air, few climate catastrophes and fresh thinking

SQUIRCLE offers a new way of being.

A new way to actualize our full potential to do well. And to do good. As one, together.

SQUIRCLE frees us from an outdated system and way of thinking — the linear, rationale, traditionally masculine way, and instead recognize and honor intuition, fluidity and imaginative thinking, the way women naturally create and make decisions.

SQUIRCLE awakens us to the limitless potential within us by acknowledging nature and its creativity, agility and sustainability. We know that no one controls us, other than nature, and that “Mother Nature” offers us a world of possibilities that is waiting for our discovery.

SQUIRCLE lets us raise the next generation to be free from the constraints of gender-alizing that makes us defensive, judgmental and resistant to opposing approaches. Imagine a culture where women and men truly listen, respect and make decisions not just based on statistics and “the way it’s been done” but on observations from nature, from abstracts or simply from “thin air”.

SQUIRCLE brings nature into the modern world to make us choose sustainability over greed, our future over today’s enjoyment and humanity over self-interests.

I invite you to take the FREE, simple SQUIRCLE Test and change the way you think for the better.