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Leadership Executive Meeting

Learn how to enable the highest paid people in your business to systematically use meetings to effectively solve strategic challenges and produce creative solutions.

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Course overview

Are your leadership meetings mostly about downloading information? Do you feel you could get so much more out of your highest paid people during executive team meetings? In this workshop, you will learn a detailed practical and actionable methodology. From the start——under the guidance of a coach——you will see behavioral change, team performance improvement and concrete positive results. The highest paid people in your organization will effectively use their valuable time in leadership team meetings to actually solve strategic challenges and produce creative solutions. A system for efficient engagement of every member, agenda collection and info-sharing prior to meetings, and post-meeting productive follow-ups, will turn everyone into a co-leader of your business unit. As with every other client who applied this Shared leadership methodology, this will have a direct and long-lasting impact on your team, organization, and business performance. And it will enhance your management culture towards more leadership, accountability, creativity, agility, experimentation, and intrapreneurship.



  1. Give specific roles to every team member to actually co-lead the entire business and fully eliminate the bottleneck effect at the top of the team.
  2. Keep focus on moving forward important non-urgent projects and producing solutions by sub-teams to multiply entire team impact.
  3. Boost strategic thinking and innovation, experimenting, and intrapreneurship.



  1. More autonomy of leadership team; no more bottleneck effect at the top of the pyramid.
  2. More resolved strategic challenges and more innovative solutions produced.
  3. A customized yet scalable process to organically trickle-down positive shared-leadership culture throughout the organization.


Format & Target

FORMAT: Online Workshop with supervision of a certified SQUIRCLE Coach

TARGET: Senior Executive/Leadership

DURATION: 6 sessions over 6 weeks if leadership team meeting is weekly (12 weeks if bi-monthly or 24 weeks if monthly)

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