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Stop waisting time and be more productive with this fresh approach to time.

Course overview

Imagine you could:

  • Get more done during the day in less time, with less effort.
  • Spend more time doing what you love with more energy.
  • Have tools and tips customized to how you think and work.

SQUIRCLE Time is a 9-session audio program designed to help you use your time more efficiently and achieve your goals more easily. Relying on the proven SQUIRCLE model, you will learn how to differentiate Square time from Circle time and Square tasks from Circle tasks to better manage your to-do list in a way that fits your SQUIRCLE profile.



  1. You will own time and your to-do list won’t own you!
  2. You will schedule different types of tasks at different times of the day for a more productive and fulfilling work life balance.
  3. You will systematically eliminate time wasters to create more mental space in your day.
  4. You will have the courage to say “no” and find ways to end procrastination.



FORMAT: Self-paced online course

Duration : 1 hr 30 min

Price : $99

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