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I Gained the Courage to Embrace my Creativity


"For me, creativity was always an issue."


I'm an executer. I guess you can say this comes a lot from the imposter syndrome. I was in "do, do, do" mode. I had the hardest time to learn how to slow down. I'd always build to do lists with 15 items that I'd never get to. The whole cycle was severely stressing me out when I was yearning to be creative. Learning about the power of breath and the tips on actually DOING IT taught me the valuable lesson to pause and pausing with others.


With SQUIRCLE Master

I’ve learned how to pause more. I gained the courage to take time to build my product, to stay away from timelines and be comfortable living in the chaos of creativity. 

Separately, I'd say the Circle and Square metaphors helped me navigate the tech world. Now I’m proud to embrace my Circle. I wasn't too happy living in my Square environment I was forced into. Tech is a very Square environment, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to mold me to live in the Square environment. I now slow down more, reflect, take the time to listen, to be more vulnerable, more open.