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Unify a compartmentalized company with a failing business model, a high financial risk profile, no investment budget.


Bottom line results

  • Within 9 months, Lagardère Unlimited went from losses to steady and balanced profitability. a unified strategy, vision, and mission were crafted, along with a cultural shift and key strategic directions for the Europe & Africa division (representing 2/3 of company billing)

  • Company totally transformed from operating as a myriad of entrepreneurial BUs in 8 countries to engineering a coherent, consolidated and unified international platform, organized along centers of excellence & global practices – in so doing, successfully & harmoniously aligning solutions & markets

  • 8 standalone companies were brought together (totaling net sales of 409 million euros in 2014, 1,200 employees)


“I have worked with Francis over five years in two different companies of the Lagardère Group, spanning three continents (Americas, EMEA and Africa). He has designed a unique methodology which enabled us to achieve outstanding financial and operational results in an unprecedented amount of time – less than 12 months!”

— Alain Lemarchand, CEO, Lagardère Unlimited EMEA