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Make space for what you really value


"I'm freeing CIRCLE time by using my SQUARE time tool." 


Folco has a very successful career in the digital world. Web development and digital marketing are some of the ways he helps people optimize their online presence and performance. He clearly operates from a SQUARE perspective with timelines, sales funnels and all the other systems needed for success.

And he has a second life — that of a creative writer. After publishing a novel and finding success in marketing it online, he found he could share his writing passion with other writers and show them how to publish and market their works. Now, as an entrepreneur working with fiction writers he is even more pressed for time.

With SQUIRCLE Time "I realized that I’ve been looking at time all my life like digital clicks instead of honoring it for what it can be — space for what I love doing.”

Once he understood SQUARE time is a tool that lets him make space for what he really values — his CIRCLE time — he approached what he HAD to do differently. “Some tasks require SQUARE time. Get them done and you’ve freed up your time - and mindset - for CIRCLE time. This is the time I cherish! The weekend of writing that feels like 2 hours. I’m ‘freeing’ CIRCLE time by using my SQUARE time tool.”