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The pandemic according to SQUIRCLE

I was in a Zoom Chat earlier today.


I was listening to how people were reacting to lock down and pandemic.  As each shared their feelings and responses, I automatically started sorting them into SQUARES and CIRCLES in my mind.


Here's what I heard the CIRCLES say: 
  • “I thought about what my talents are and how I can help other people”
  • “I listened to a futurist and was fascinated by how they saw the world”
  • “I’m using the time to learn to paint. I’ve always collected art - now I’m doing it”
  • “I’m writing a lot. There’s a book in every one of us and now’s the time to write it”
  • “I found out I really don’t WANT to clean my house. I play music and dance to it instead.”
  • “I try to get out into nature every chance I can. It’s inspiring.”


Here's what I heard the SQUARES say: 
  • "I’m telling my kids what to do all the time to not get sick.”
  • “I’m concerned about how things will be different. And we just don’t know when.”
  • “I’m sad. I just retired and am now thinking about how I can be more productive with my time.”
  • “I want to be part of the future, making sure we get it right.”
  • “I love my house. It’s the one thing I know I can pretty much can control.”
  • “I have a long list of all I want to do and feel productive when I get to the jobs I always wanted time to do. Check them off my to-do list!”


Both attitudes are important and valid. We have the people who see the future and the people who can plan it and make it happen. We have big picture people and those that tend to details. We have list-makers and rule-breakers.

There’s never been a more important time to come together and appreciate each other’s talents and skills. Whether it’s confessing our fears on a phone call with a dear friend or a Zoom happy hour with family, sharing what we’re grateful for, this is the time to respect and honor one another. And have an open conversation about your SQUIRCLE similarities and differences.

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