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Thrive through uncertainty

Did you know that a low tolerance for uncertainty will not only hinder agility but also limit performance, creativity, and emotional balance in times of unknown? Learn individually and as a team how to develop a positive outlook toward uncertainty, overcome barriers and achieve your goals no matter what.

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Course overview

Designed to uncover individuals’ and teams’ natural ability to thrive in disruption, the process is gamified to mirror a business situation with a measurable goal to achieve as a group without any way to jointly decide on a roadmap because the context is constantly changing.



Through our seminal SQUIRCLE Serious Game™ we enable individuals and groups to experience and demonstrate for themselves that they already have everything they need to change and adapt. Nothing needs to be learned. If anything they need to unlearn what keeps them from their innate potential for adaptation.



1. Learn techniques and tools to trust the process of chaos as an inherent aspect of life.

2. Identify and understand your personal inner resources to face disruption.

3. Discover and experience how different adaptation styles complement each other, without planned coordination required.


Format & Target

FORMAT: Online or in the room

TARGET: Management Level


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